Wednesday, May 6, 2015

OmahaGives 2015 is almost here!

 For the 2nd year, WIFCaP will be part of Omahagives...a 24 hour giving opportunity sponsored by the Omaha Community Foundation.   This event runs from 12:01am to 11:59 pm on Wednesday May 20, 2015.  We have been working HARD to get people excited about this event because the opportunity for WIFCaP to realize a large amount of funds to keep helping outdoor cats is amazing.

We will be having a table at the OmahaGives Fair at Weitz CEC on the UNO Campus, so we are in hopes that many will be able to visit us there and help us keep watch on the leader board!

 Molly has been making Memes like crazy and they are so cool!  Love them all!   We are tweeting and using facebook to market this event and we are so in hopes that many of our followers from all over the world will participate.  I may offer a free T-shirt to the person who donates from the furthest distance.
We will be eligible for hourly prizes and bonuses, but best of all, we have had our own supporters offer up pledges to match funds.  We have $1800 in matching funds.  We are so grateful for the trust our follower put in much that they would be kind enough to offer funds that will double a portion of the donations that come in through OmahaGives.

Last year we raised $2600 from this event.  Was was pleased beyond description, mainly because I didn't put very much effort into it.  I wasn't sure how it all worked and I was out of town during the training sessions and I just plain didn't catch the vision.  This year is different!  I am super excited to see if we can double our gifts from last year...that means $ would be awesome if we can do it and I feel sure we can!

So, please...if you are reading this and you only plan to give ONE Gift to WIFCaP this year, let it be on May 20th!

Choose WIFCaP!